Redone Weather

National Weather Service | Re-Design


Amtrak | Re-Design


Brown Paper Tickets | Re-Design

CAD Prototype_ Side

Fleet Science Center | Designing Studio X


Birch Aquarium | VR Prototyping

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 2.03.14 PM

GradTrain | UX Intern


Design for America | Homelessness on Campus


Design for America | Stroke Rehabilitation

ruvalcabaUpholstery screen grab

Gosite | Web Design Intern


Hyundai & UCSD Design Lab | Research Assistant

tcg logo cropped

Triton Consulting Group | VP Marketing

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Design for America at UCSD

September 2016

I joined the stroke rehabilitation team and learned the human centered design process for local and social impact. 

Design Courses at UCSD

January 2017

I conducted user research and user testing to re-design popular websites and gained knowledge about information architecture and UI principles.

GradTrain Internship

June 2018

I worked as a user experience intern at GradTrain, completing wireframes and working on software updates with the software team. 

Triton Consulting Group

September 2018

I joined Triton Consulting Group and received consulting training. I joined a team that provided insights into the potential for smart technology, and was elected to the position of VP Marketing. 

GoSite Internship

December 2018

I worked as a web design intern for GoSite in San Diego for 10 months. I discovered user needs in order to create user-friendly websites and increase profits for small businesses. 

Design for America - President

September 2019

I became president of Design for America, and began maintaining the day to day functions of the studio. I guided team leads through challenges in the design process and created a close knit community with high member retention. 


I was raised in Portland, Oregon, and developed a love for adventure at a young age. I make it a habit to try new things, from aerial silks to new food carts. I learn from every new experience, and have made it my goal to discover as much as I can. Every new exploit has made me more passionate about innovation and design for people. 

I will graduate from the University of California, San Diego in June 2020 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Cognitive Science with a Human Computer Interaction specialization.  I am looking to find a position as human interaction designer upon graduation. 

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