GoSite - Web Design Intern


GoSite is a growing start-up that provides a suite of software products that develop the online presence of small businesses. I worked as a part time employee at the company for 10 months on the website department as a web designer. 

My Role

I was able to take on many roles during my time at the company. I was initially trained to produce personalized websites for clients using the company website builder. We began by conducting design calls with clients, getting a sense of what they are looking for in a website. We would then create a demo website for them to review and request that they provide us with edits. We would then create a second or even third iteration of the website, to ensure that the client was completely satisfied with the product. 

While my primary responsibilities revolved around the development of client sites, working in a start-up entailed a lot of different tasks. I would often step in as customer support, helping clients utilize our software. Working with clients who often had little to no technological experience provided me with valuable insight into the barriers that people continue to face with technological advancements. 

My experience supporting clients provided me with the opportunity to recommend changes to our platform, making the service more user-friendly and intuitive. This included adjusting the sign in system for multi location clients so that there is less confusion about the location they are looking at, and adding tools to our website editor to make website building more efficient and unique.

Demo Site Approved By Clients