GradTrain - User Experience Design Intern

In the summer of 2018, I interned at the startup GradTrain as a user experience designer. As the sole designer on the team, I worked directly with the CEO and software engineers in order to create deliverables to meet timelines on updates to the app and debug the functionality of the interface. 

When I first joined the team, the engineers were in the middle of a software update to the android version of the app. This gave me the opportunity to quickly sketch and wireframe changes to the flow from account information to application submission. as pictured below, and pitch these changes to the rest of the team. I highlighted my knowledge of information architecture and outcomes of user testing to create a strong argument in favor of my suggestions, and successfully convinced the team to implement the changes.

I was given a lot of freedom in this position, and was able to suggest projects for myself to the team. While surveying their mobile sites and website, I decided that the next thing that needed an update was the flow to edit an application that is already in progress on the standard website. The previous user experience intern began this task, but had not gotten to test her work or iterate on the design. I began by running through the current site, and taking note of any usability errors that I found. I Then looked at the mock-up the previous designer had made, and tried to determine whether the usability errors had been corrected, and if not, what I could alter to ensure that they were. I created a second iteration of the design, and presented my work to the rest of the team. We had a critiquing session in which we discussed how we want to alter the layout and tasks to better meet the goals of the app to create a smooth process from school matching to submitting applications. I took their feedback, and iterated on the design, creating the last version I would have time to complete during the duration of my internship. My last task at the company was to present my final iteration to the software engineers, and explain my choices and decisions.